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Encanna’s CEO joined Legalize it, don’t Criticize it’s Sonia Gomez for a Facebook Live interview to discuss cannabis in Puerto Rico and the results of hurricane Irma’s impact in the Caribbean.

The in-depth interview covered everything from Encanna’s unique products, the importance of holistic healing and personal stories about how lives are changing.

Topics covered in the interview: 

  • Status of medical cannabis in Puerto Rico
  • What it takes to get a cannabis license in Puerto Rico
  • The size of cannabis market in Puerto Rico
  • How to get a patient card in Puerto Rico
  • Cannabis treatments recommended for specific illnesses
  • Encanna’s product manufacturing facility, Tropizen
  • Encanna’s product line
  • Using locally sourced (farm-to-table) ingredients
  • How to get Encanna’s products
  • High CBD health benefits
  • Pairing cannabis with natural remedies for maximum effectiveness
  • Cannabis stigmas
  • Hurricane Irma damage in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
  • The future of cannabis in Puerto Rico

To see the full interview, click play on the link below or go straight to the video here.