• August 7, 2017
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  • by Marni Meistrell
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Experienced manufacturers work together to enhance legalized Cannabis offerings

Tropizen, one of the first licensed growers and manufacturers of medical marijuana in Puerto Rico, today announced a new partnership with WonderLeaf, which will bring industry-leading cannabis manufacturing to Puerto Rico.

By partnering with WonderLeaf, Tropizen will gain access to their extraction processes, which utilize high purity CO2 to produce small-batch, raw, strain specific oils and concentrates. Tropizen will also be producing WonderLeaf’s products for distribution in Puerto Rico as part of the partnership.

The availability of medical marijuana is very new to Puerto Rico. Though it was announced in 2015 that it would soon be legal, it wasn’t until January 1st of this year that cannabis-based medicines were made available for sale; and, only on June 25th did the Puerto Rican House and Senate both pass Law 340, which deals with every aspect of the medical marijuana trade, from growth through manufacturing, through retail sale.

“This partnership will produce the highest quality products available in Puerto Rico,” stated Jay Meistrell, founder of Tropizen. “The extractions made possible through this relationship will be used in a line of edibles inspired by traditional Puerto Rican recipes and sourced from local ingredients by Encanna, a Tropizen subsidiary, as well as pure cannabis oils, pills, tinctures, topicals, and concentrates.”

The 22,000-square foot grow and extraction facility owned and operated by Tropizen, which has licenses to grow and manufacture, will produce a wide array of products to sell and distribute to dispensaries island-wide.

“We’ve been using our unique methodology for a while now, and have already proven its effectiveness,” said WonderLeaf Director of Operations, Kelby Cross. “Everyone at WonderLeaf is excited about the opportunity to bring high-quality, strain-specific cannabis to Puerto Rico through our partnership with Tropizen.”

About Tropizen
Tropizen is one of the first licensed growers and manufacturers of medical marijuana in Puerto Rico, providing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, quality control, and distribution to growers and dispensaries. The Tropizen facility is equipped with an in-house lab, commercial kitchens, and indoor growing rooms, with acres to expand. Tropizen produces an extensive array of edibles and concentrates, as well as related wellness products using extensive quality control procedures and rigorous testing standards.

Encanna, Tropizen’s subsidiary, produces the purest, freshest medicinal cannabis products, including oils and tinctures, cartridges and edibles, made from traditional Puerto Rican recipes. In addition to cannabis medicinals.

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About WonderLeaf
Wonderleaf is a family-owned company based out of Aurora, Colorado that makes small-batch, raw cannabis concentrates and oils. They strive to provide the highest quality, purest products available, using the latest innovations in the industry. Staying on the leading edge of a rapidly changing industry, WonderLeaf is committed to products and standards that are safe and compliant, without sacrificing flavor, potency, or aesthetic. Collaborating with experts, customers, and consumers alike, they design marijuana-based products that drive the industry forward.

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